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February 13, 2018

Company leadership recognized the importance of data migration as part of a successful core administration implementation.

Dallas, TX and Richmond, VA – February 13, 2018 – ITS, an insurance consulting and services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and utilization of technology, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of an automated data migration solution, developed using the ITS Data Migration Platform (IDMP) for Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia (MASOV).

The project scope included the migration of MASOV’s homeowner and dwelling fire policies and documents from MASOV’s legacy system to its newly-implemented Guidewire InsuranceNow™ system. Operating under a coordinated, one-hand-to-shake, partnership model, the ITS data migration team, the Guidewire implementation team, and MASOV seamlessly and successfully implemented this custom data migration solution.

Glenda Holmstrom
Glenda Holmstrom, Director of Implementation Services, ITS

“MASOV has perpetual policies which do not renew or expire after a set term like other policies in the market,” said Glenda Holmstrom, director of data migration services for ITS. “Typically, a policy’s migration is triggered by the renewal process. In this case, the migration process was designed to trigger from the annual billing process.”

One additional hallmark of this project was the support and responsiveness of the MASOV executive team, who understood that data migration is a critical element in the successful completion of any project. The MASOV executive team prioritized this project at the highest level, thereby giving the team the hands-on support and engagement needed.

Jeffrey S. Wrobel, Sr., President and CEO of MASOV
Jeffrey S. Wrobel, Sr., President and CEO of MASOV

“ITS’ team has been fabulous through this whole process and haven’t missed a mark,” says Jeffrey S. Wrobel, Sr., president and CEO of MASOV. “ITS’ hyper-responsiveness and expertise with Guidewire InsuranceNow made the difference. We are thrilled to have completed a successful migration of our legacy data on-time and on-budget.”

Prior to this project, ITS also implemented the Guidewire user acceptance testing (UAT) Kickstart program for MASOV. UAT Kickstart is a customized version of ITS’ proprietary testing program that is closely aligned with the InsuranceNow system and implementation methodology. ITS developed MASOV’s test plan, wrote the initial test cases, and successfully trained MASOV personnel before handing the process over to their internal quality assurance (QA) team.

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